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GE/Walter Turbine Conversion and
PT6 Pressure Cowl
available for
Air Tractor!


PT6 Pressure Cowls

AT-802 with Cascade Pressure Cowl

You can't Afford to be without it!

Not only can you save your engine, but you can also save your pocket book. Cascade Aircraft is commited to providing you with the best quality product and the new AT-802/602 pressure cowl proves it. We are able to provide you with this fantastic product and  lower your  ITT. We also have  F.A.A-S.T.C #SA01560SE approval. At Cascade Aircraft its "It's all about air" all the time so Call 1-800-716-2550 today.

PT6A Forced Air Induction Cowling Conversion
After experiencing such great success with the Walter Air Induction System, it occured to us that the concept would be an excellent enhancement to the PT6A powered Air Tractors model AT402 & AT502. We installed the Forced Air Induction Cowling on our own AT502 and achieved remarkable results including reduced ITT Temperature for a much cooler and efficient operating engine. Upon completion of the FAA testing we were awarded our STC # SA00905SE for the Forced Air Induction Cowling for the PT6A powered Air Tractors. This tremendous performance enhancement is now available for these models.
AT402, AT 502, AT 602, AT 802

A.T. 802 with Cascade Aircraft Pressure Cowl
Cascade Pressure
Cowl Advantages

  • LIFETIME AIR FILTER SYSTEM - Eliminate ongoing expensive filter purchases!
  • Reduces Fuel burn by up to 4 gallons an hour, or more depending on engine!
  • On a 100 degree day with 100 % torque you will not temp out!
  • Easy access to service fuel nozzles and air filter!
  • Save money on Hot Section costs by lowering your ITT temperature!
  • Pressure Cowl will reduce your ITT temperature 35 to 50 degrees depending on  A.T. Model and engine!

Walter Turbine

Cascade Aircraft Conversions Walter Turbine Conversion on A.T. 401
  • More economical to purchase and maintain. Approximately half the cost of comparable PT-6 powered engine for both purchase price and overhaul cost.
  • Low Maintenance-there are no nozzles to keep clean and service, no hot section inspections required. No engine tear-down required in a wire strike event, just inspection.
  • Walter Factory Warranty up to 1000 hours, 2 years or 1100 cycles.
  • Service Tech's are located in West Helena, Arkansas and can be to your location quickly, if there is a problem.
  • 2000 or 3000 hour engines available. Hot and High is also an available choice for these engines.

A.T. 401 with 751 hp Cascade Walter Turbine Conversion at Reno, NV NAAA Convention!
GE/Walter Powered AT 502
Here is one of two GE/Walter powered AT 502's owned by Scott Heinen from Kansas Farm & Ranch, Inc. in Centralia, KS. Scott says "My 502 Air Tractor with a Cascade GE/Walter turbine engine conversion is a real work horse. With the Cascade Pressure Cowl intake, getting air to the engine is no problem and over-temping seems to be a concern of the past. The "Cascade Walter" conversion has proven to be trouble free, economical, and a very reliable performer for my operation. The workmanship is of the highest quality!"
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